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The members and thier Bio's

Hi Mom...Its me again JD. "Did you get a real job yet drummer boy?"
OK, throughout the years JD has had a few jobs (very few)
JD started playing the drums at age 11. Started his first band in High
School playing Heavy Metal and knew from a very early age what his
life's calling was. Throughout his 20+years of playing professionally,
JD has played every style of music from Punk to Country. His influences
through the years include: the early years of John Bonham of Led-Zeppelin
and Keith Moon of The Who (R.I.P brothers) and he listened to many
other Rock bands such as UFO, Judas Priest, Deep Purple & Black
Sabbath. Through the early 80s JD started listening to extreme "Speed Metal"
bands like Slayer, Anthrax, Venom etc...His mid 80s influences can be
heard vividly on JD's 1st Metal band "Corruption" 1989 studio Release
"This is Corruption". As JD says, "This was some powerful, technical
(NOT-TECHNO) Speed Metal" "We had great times in Corruption on the
road playing for thousands of Leather & Spike clad Slam Dancers"
The early 90s were an awakening for JD. "I mellowed out and was heavily
influenced by a former local musician, Doug Stevenson who told me to stop
knocking down the early 70s rock and just open your ears" Doug turned
JD on to Classic "YES" and from that day on JD started surrounding
himself with many different styles of music. "I then grew a great appreciation
for what was to be one of my biggest influences" Referring to Stewart
Copeland of the Police. "I always thought the Police were Bubble Gum
rockers till I opened my ears" Stewart, I now feel is definitely the Best
drummer to ever play Rock music. In the mid 90s JD was also influenced by
another talented local muiscian and his bestfriend at that time,
Hank Sedlack. Hank turned JD on to the Funky grooves of Bands like
"Tower of Power" & "Parliment" and showed JD just how cool "James Brown"
was! The mid 90s also proved to be a Very Blues influenced time for JD.
"I started off listening to Stevie Ray Vaughan and feel in love with Blues Rock"
JD then started listening to all kinds of Blues from "Muddy Waters" to
Howling Wolf". JD still heavily enjoys the blues and shows great admiration
for his favorite blues man "John Lee Hooker" "I still love the blues and
perform live with my Blues band of over 8 years (Code Blue)"
JD has changed throughout the years broadening his musical horizons
but always remembers his past bands and influences. "I now listen to SKA music
throughout the day for energy and also I'm heavily influenced by JAZZ".
"I listen to Less than Jake and then turn to the GENE KRUPA orchestra
for inspiration and to continue learning new styles"
"My life as a professional musician has been filled with many styles of music
and influences." "I thank all the people who have stayed loyal through
out my many changes & musically diverse life styles" "I believe changes
are good, We as musicians need to be open to all styles of music while
never forgetting our past in order to grow"

JD's equipment:
Pearl Session Master (all maple) Drums "THE BEST"
Pearl Drum rack (stability for a wild JD!)
Zildjian K & Paiste signature cymbals.
DW (drumworkshop) pedals & hardware
Evens double thin 2ply oil heads & Vater sticks

Just added: A Yamaha DTExpress II full electronic Drum Kit


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